Wild Powder Add-Ins

Wild Powder Add-Ins

These nutritionally dense plant powders can be added to smoothie and juice recipes, as well as making perfect partners to an existing product you may be using, such as Superfood Plus Powder and EnergiRevive Powder. We strive to choose ‘wild certified’ origin plants over organic or cultivated versions. Wild plants, herbs and trees grow naturally in uncontrolled conditions. They are not cultivated, tended or farmed in any way, but simply left to develop and grow by themselves. They have to overcome threats from wildlife and competition with other plants, as well as adapt to a particular climate and soil quality or type, this makes for unique phyto-chemistry and these are precious additions for our own immunity and general wellbeing.

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Dr. Schulze's Superfood Plus Powder (400g)


One month supply of a broad range of protein and phyto-nutrients from land and sea containing algae, green foods and other botanicals in powder form.

'High levels of Vitamin B6 & B12 - so you can feel energised, immune supported, nerve-nourished & mind-balanced. High in plant protein for healthy muscles & bones.

2 Superfood Plus + FREE EnergiRevive Powder

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Especially useful as a busy life can sap our reserves.

EnergiRevive Powder (225g)


This adaptogenic powder blend is rich in adrenal building botanicals and can be used on its own, with Superfood Plus or other smoothies.

Nettle Leaf Powder (100g)


This wild certified Nettle leaf powder is useful as a protein source and for broad phyto-nutrient value. Valued for seasonal allergies (Hay-fever etc.). Great in smoothies, e.g. combined with Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus.

Cinnamon Powder (100g)


Our wild certified Cinnamon powder is delicious and adds a natural sweetness to anything it is combined with, an ideal smoothie addition, e.g. combined with Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus.

Rosehip Powder (100g)


The Herbs Hands Healing wild certified Rosehip powder contains vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. Tasty in smoothies, e.g. combined with Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus.

Milk Thistle Seeds (100g)


These wild certified Milk Thistle seeds make a useful daily food inclusion for liver detoxing and protection from pollution.

Cayenne Powder (100g)


Cayenne or ‘capsicum’ helps circulation throughout the body. It also aids digestion and nutrient absorption. Add a little to daily smoothies.

Ginger Powder (100g)


Our Ginger powder can be used in smoothies to taste, enliven and empower circulation, digestion and immunity.

Turmeric Powder (100g)


Turmeric powder boosts antioxidant levels and equally neutralizes free radical damage. Add daily to smoothies.

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