Herbal Skin Care

Herbal Skin Care

Treating our skin carefully is important. As well as shaping our external appearance, the skin is part of our immune system, acting as a barrier to protect our body against the outside world. Our skin is also responsible for the elimination of a quarter of all bodily toxins. For this reason, we believe that the best skin care starts with natural ingredients such as whole plants and essential oils, to nurture, protect and heal.

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Body Oil Bitter Orange (250ml)


Use this body oil to fragrantly nourish, condition and hydrate the skin. The essential oils of sweet and bitter oranges, with rosemary, give an immediately sensual and unforgettable signature fragrance.

St John's Wort & Clary Sage Moisturising Facial Cream (60ml)


St. Johns Wort is a premier skin herb and has been chosen alongside other plants to naturally protect, feed and restore facial skin texture.

Lemon & Lavender Facial Toner (250ml)


A zesty lemony toner that is, fragrant, healing and toning by Herbs Hands Healing.

Lavender Water (250ml)


Fragrant splash-on cleanser for toning and deep cleansing. Useful for hands and face, refreshing, tightening pores and anti-microbial.

Morning Rain Hair Water (250ml)


This naturally fragrant essential oil rich hair water deeply regenerates scalp and hair health. Fragrant to use, it is a treat that should be experienced. Use before washing and conditioning.

5 Item(s)