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browse our complete range of products, including Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus, in our online store

Dr Schulze Audio Lectures

When I met Dr. Schulze over 35 years ago he was my hugely inspirational teacher who I instantly respected and recognized. (He was at the time re-growing skin on his hand from a burn to charred bone.) He was direct, kind, comedian level funny and hugely positive. He offered up a whole new world for me compared to my previous trainings thus in Herbal Medicine in the UK. We were both still in our late twenties and the friendship, inspiration and knowledge has become bigger and better in true Schulze style since then. He went on to create his ‘Last Chance Clinic’ with his English partner Anisha and to continue to share his healing programmes, videos and botanical formulas through his Company ‘The American Botanical Pharmacy.’

He also made time and usually gifted it for free, to run a school in Europe with me for 15 years, bringing his infectious passion and keeping alive the lineage of Dr Christopher, with his own vital upgrades.

He recently wrote a new volume of the dozens he has already written called ‘Keep Calm & Get Healthy’, which can be found online as an e-book with all the others. He liked the British ‘Keep Calm’ phrases he found everywhere and not so notorious a phrase but one of that era is Churchill’s phrase ‘Let Us Go Forward Together’ which could sum up his intentions over the last 40 years of his life. People always wanted to know how he had helped people and he always wanted to tell them. He enjoyed enabling people and didn't and doesn't want to leave them behind. A generous ‘talk-the-walk’ trait that is so successful due to his engaging depth and insistence of us all taking responsibility and loving ourselves.

Enjoy listening

Jill Davies


Teaching audios to students in France

These teaching audios are a unique and exclusive glimpse into aspects of a two week teaching retreat in Southern France with students training in natural healing and herbal medicine, led by Dr. Schulze at the school he ran with Jill Davies.

Dr Schulze with 500 friends of Herbs Hands Healing, in London

These audio lectures, made in 2003, outline Dr. Schulze’s message of natural healing using his time and tested tools and techniques to enhance your life and health. Dr. Schulze’s usual style of humour, passion, directness and life-changing dialogue are inspiring as always. It was a pleasure to welcome Dr. Schulze and his family for this memorable gathering.