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Dr Schulze Audio Lectures

This collection of audios gives you a real sense of Dr. Schulze’s vast experience in the realm of natural healing. You will in turn laugh and sober up as he coaxes you along with his humour and stories and yet goes straight to the point with his direct ‘need to know’ style.

Dr Schulze Books

Dr Schulze has written many indispensable booklets on natural healing and herbs in which he shares his powerful knowledge and wisdom, drawing on over 30 years’ experience of natural healing both inside and outside of his clinics. Topics include cleansing and detoxification, colds and flu, first steps to healthy living and much more.

Dr Schulze is the creator of Superfood Plus and owns The American Botanical Pharmacy in the U.S. For more information visit his blog.

Jill Davies first published this in 2000 with 10 chapters and 307 pages, enjoy reading or downloading it.

Jill Davies’ 12 guides to single herbs. Each provides comprehensive information on the relevant herb, including botanical, medicinal, home use and scientific updates.